GCSE Religious studies (RP)

The GCSE Papers GCSE Religious Studies specification encourages students to explore religions and beliefs, reflecting on and responding personally to fundamental questions. Our team offers an opportunity to develop an approach of critical enquiry, and reflection.

We build this on the knowledge developed through Religious Education in the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

There are two courses.

Full Course students complete two units.

Short Course students complete one. For prohibited combinations and further information, please see the specification.

The specification has a total of nine units.

  • Unit 1: The Christian Church through a Study of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church
  • Unit 2: The Christian Church with a Focus on EITHER the Catholic Church OR the Protestant Church
  • Unit 3: The Revelation of God and the Christian Church
  • Unit 4: Christianity through a Study of the Gospel of Matthew
  • Unit 5: Christianity through a Study of the Gospel of Mark
  • Unit 6: An Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • Unit 7: An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
  • Unit 8: Islam
  • Unit 9: Judaism

Our GCSE test papers provide a broad understanding of the beliefs and practices of the faiths studied, as well as promoting religious literacy and the contemplation of important questions.

GCSE Papers allow Students to be able to reflect on and develop their own values, beliefs and attitudes in the light of what they learn here. There will be a range of relevant and contemporary themes to study that will promote awareness of modern-world issues.