GCSE Physics

The GCSE Papers GCSE Physics studies encourages students to appreciate the value of physics in their lives and in the world around them.

And GCSE Papers develop confidence in the students in exploring hypotheses, evidences, theories and explanations.

We mark all parts of the assessment externally.

GCSE Papers test papers are built on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed through the Science and Technology Area of Learning.

Our new GCSE History papers combine the most popular topics, so you can still learn well-established periods of history as well as some exciting new topics. We build the GCSE Papers on the skills and topics at Key Stage 3, and will help develop essential skills for further study.

GCSE Papers gives you the flexibility and freedom to create your own route through the entire History course.

Topics we cover

1. Motion & Forces

- Velocity/Distance/Acceleration (including Graphs)

- Newton's Laws & Weight

- Circular Motion

- Momentum

2. Conservation of Energy

- Energy Transfers, GPE, KE & Efficiency

- Energy Sources

3. Waves

- Properties of Waves

4. Light & The Electromagnetic Spectrum

- Vectors, Scalars & Free Body force diagrams

- Pressure

- Practical Skills

- Hooke’s Law

- Practical Skills