GCSE Science

GCSE Chemistry is a part of our science suite developed with our expert’s team to inspire your child. GCSE Papers chemistry content starts with fundamental aspects of chemistry such as atomic structure, bonding and the properties of matter etc.

The GCSE Papers Chemistry papers encourage students to learn how chemistry contributes to the success of the economy and society. Students can build on their GCSE learning about physical and inorganic chemistry. They are also introduced to the basic concepts in organic chemistry


The particle Model Atomic structure

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures



Properties of Materials

Chemical Reactions

Introducing Chemical Reactions


Types of Chemical Reactions


Reactions and Products

Predicting Chemical Reactions

Monitoring and Controlling Chemical Reactions

Monitoring Chemical Reactions

Controlling Reactions

Global Challenges

Improving Processes and Products

Interpreting and Interacting with Earth Systems

Organic Chemistry