GCSE Topics

gcsepapers.co.uk arranged the GCSE Topics according to the Ofqual for your information.

GCSE Maths Practice papers

gcsepapers.co.uk arranged the content by topic area and applies to both tiers as detailed in the specification. Topics may be assessed on any paper. GCSE Papers includes the topics.

Our Mathematics aims to develop and strengthen a range of knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. GCSE Papers offer GCSE practise test papers which are suitable for all GCSE Examination boards. There are 5 GCSE Examination boards in the UK. They are Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA), Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR), Pearson Edexcel, Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment (CCEA), EDUQAS GCSE  Exam.

Among these, we aim to help students:

  • to understand maths and mathematical processes;
  • improve their reasoning skills 
  • extend their mathematical techniques for use in more difficult problems;
  • understand the coherence and progression in mathematics 
  • understand how different areas of mathematics are connected; and
  • become aware of the relevance of mathematics to other fields of study

The Topics we cover:

Number operations and integers

  • Calculations with integers
  • Whole number theory
  • Combining arithmetic operations
  • Inverse operations

Fractions, decimals and percentages

  • Fractions
  • Decimal fractions
  • Percentages
  • Ordering fractions, decimals and percentages

Indices and surds

  • Powers and roots
  • Standard form
  • Exact calculations

Approximation and estimation

  • Approximation and estimation

Ratio, proportion and rates of change

  • Calculations with ratio
  • Direct and inverse proportion
  • Discrete growth and decay


  • Algebraic expressions
  • formulae
  • equations
  • inequalities
  • Language of functions
  • Sequences

Graphs of equations and functions

  • Graphs of equations and functions
  • Straight line graphs
  • Transformations of curves and their equations
  • Interpreting graphs

Basic geometry

  • Conventions, notation and terms
  • Ruler and compass constructions
  • Angles
  • Properties of polygons
  • Circles
  • Three-dimensional shapes

Congruence and similarity

  • Plane isometric transformations
  • Congruence
  • Plane vector geometry
  • Similarity


  • Units and measurement
  • Perimeter calculations
  • Area calculations
  • Volume and surface area calculations
  • Triangle mensuration


  • Basic probability and experiments
  • Combined events and probability diagrams


  • Sampling
  • Interpreting and representing data
  • Analysing data

gcsepapers.co.uk GCSE Science

We believe that science is for all and has something to suit students of all abilities and aspirations. Our GCSEs have been developed with a team of experts to ensure they’ll engage and challenge your child to reach their scientific potential. Whether your child is studying a single subject or combined science all our practice papers are aligned to all exam boards. So we always strive to help your child learn the skills and then test their knowledge, so they feel confident come exam day and their progress will be clearly visible to you. GCSE Papers provide GCSE practice test papers that are very close to your child’s schooling. So that they can progress to the right level.

gcsepapers.co.uk GCSE Chemistry

gcsepapers.co.uk GCSE Chemistry is a part of our science suite developed with our expert’s team to inspire your child. GCSE Papers chemistry content starts with fundamental aspects of chemistry such as atomic structure, bonding and the properties of matter etc. 

The GCSE Papers  Chemistry papers encourage students to learn how chemistry contributes to the success of the economy and society. Students can build on their GCSE learning about physical and inorganic chemistry. They are also introduced to the basic concepts in organic chemistry. 

  •   Particles

The particle Model Atomic structure

  •  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures



Properties of Materials

  •  Chemical Reactions

Introducing Chemical Reactions


Types of Chemical Reactions


  •  Reactions and Products

Predicting Chemical Reactions

  • Monitoring and Controlling Chemical Reactions

Monitoring Chemical Reactions

Controlling Reactions

  • Global Challenges

Improving Processes and Products 

Interpreting and Interacting with Earth Systems

Organic Chemistry

GCSE Biology

The GCSE Papers provides a broad, coherent and practical GCSE Biology course that develops confidence in science.

GCSE Papers encourage your child to understand the value of science. We also give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of science and the scientific process in their regular life.

Our GCSE science specifications offer practical work. 

The assessments are externally marked.

  1. Key Concepts in Biology

Cell Basics


  1. Cells & Control

Cell Division

Specialised Cells & The Nervous System

The Brain & The Eye

  1. Genetics

Sexual & Asexual Reproduction


DNA & protein synthesis 

  1. Natural Selections & Genetic Modification

Natural Selection & Evolution 

Genetic Engineering & Selective Breeding 

  1. Health, Disease & The Development of Medicine

Human Disease

Immune System

  1. Plant Structures & their Functions

plant growth & Photosynthesis  

Transport in Plants

Leaf Structure & Function

Plant Hormones

  1. Animal Coordination, Control & Homeostasis

Menstrual Cycle & pregnancy


Urinary System

  1. Exchange & Transport in Animals

Circulatory system 


  1. Ecosystems & Materials 

Feeding Relationships & Organisms in the Environment

Cycles within Ecosystems

Humans & The Environment 

GCSE Physics

  1. Motion & Forces

Velocity/Distance/Acceleration (including Graphs) 

Newton’s Laws & Weight 

Circular Motion 


  1. Conservation of Energy

Energy Transfers, GPE, KE & Efficiency 

Energy Sources

  1. Waves

Properties of Waves 

  1. Light & The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Vectors, Scalars & Free Body force diagrams


Practical Skills

Hooke’s Law

Practical Skills

Now you are fully aware of the GCSE topics we cover. you can find all topic papers here gcsepapers.co.uk 

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